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Complexion Confidential Discover how skin care laying can be your best beauty weapon ever We layer our clothing come fall and are total cold weather experts by the New Year. We layer our makeup, precisely applying the proper amounts of concealer, foundation, blush, bronzer and translucent powder. But did you know that layering your skin care could produce even more glowy-skin benefits? Just as you would with your wardrobe, start by layering with the thinnest, light-weight products (boosters, pre-serums and serums), then work your way up to the thicker gel creams, SPFs, eye creams and full-on creams to lock in serums and add youth-inducing moisture. Going with the lightweight products first works best, because they deliver high-potent ingredients into your skin more efficiently. And, in winter, don’t forget to add in facial oil after you apply your night cream, for essential hydration. Oils may have previously received a bad rap, but are now being lauded as skincare saviours. Who knew skin care layering would be your best defence against the cold weather? Tips & Tricks: *It’s best to let each skin care product have at least one minute to sink into your epidermis, to ensure that it won’t pill when you apply your next layer. Think about adding in daily routine bits to be more time productive, for example brushing your teeth, prepping your breakfast or even getting dressed for work of for bed. *Pre-serums and serums work best on the cleanest of skin. So cleanse and tone, then add your favourite serum before you apply your daytime or nighttime moisturizer. For extra efficacy, do you weekly nighttime at-home micro-dermabrasion or peel and apply your serum right away, followed by a thicker cream one minute later to insure all the ingredients are truly sinking into your complexion. Did you know? *If you have very sensitive skin that turns red after an at-home treatment, doing a reverse layering technique would be most beneficial. A thicker cream first will reduce how much of the serum sets in, but it will also protect skin from becoming irritated.