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We love a gorgeous, bold brow. But there is a right way to unlock their full potential—and filling them in with the right colour is the first step toward reaching it. For those en route to finding their ideal hair and brow colour combo, discovering the right match can be tricky. That’s why we turned to three Canadian beauty influencers, Courtney Connolly of La Belle Sirene, Courtney Kelly of Youtube fame and Frouzan Mayell of Fro Artistry to demystify the struggle and get their top tips (and fave products) to maintain peak levels on fleek. Whether your hair is bleached, brunette, black or even burgundy, read on to uncover the secret to golden arches.

Courtney Kelly @courtneykellybeauty

“Natural or platinum blondes can deepen the shade of their arches as darker brows act as a frame for the face and give the appearance of a fuller brow. To keep my eyebrows on fleek I love to use Rimmel’s Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit. I first apply the wax to define and set my brows by using the small angled brush that comes with the kit. Then I fill in my brows with the powder side of the kit. I finish off this look by applying Rimmel's clear brow gel. This long-lasting formula feels lightweight and holds the shape all day long!”

Courtney Connolly @labellesirene_

“Brows are the hottest thing in beauty right now and I live to find the best brow products. Not only does the formula have to be perfect, so does the shade because let's be honest, it can be impossible to find the right shade with red hair! 

After plenty of research, I have discovered that my best advice is to go custom. Your hair has a million different shades and tones mixed together so why not mix and match your brow shades…? 

Take a pencil, like the L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist pencils, in two shades and layer them to create the perfect multidimensional brow. Use the darker one as the base and then highlight the top with the lighter one. I personally love to use deep and medium to get my brows on fleek.” 

Frouzan Mayell @froartistry

“Raven-haired women can follow the simple equation of matching black with black. As a makeup artist, I think it works for cool brunettes as well.

Recently I've been wearing Maybelline Brow Drama to fill in my jet-black brows. This application is SO smooth! I generally don't have to worry about setting my brows afterward. It adds a dark richness that lasts all day and a little amount goes along way.”