Models of the moment like Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill and of course, Cara Delevingne, have all shown the big beauty dividends of having full, lush brows. But while not all of us are blessed with naturally bold arches, luckily, the products and techniques to help get us there are getting even better at delivering a naturally full effect. 

Choose Your Product

From full to barely-there arches, different products are needed to perfect the look. If you’re already blessed with big, beautiful brows, simply applying a brow gel can keep them in place, while a pencil and brow shadow palette works wonders if your brows are sparse. The added colour helps to build up the desired fullness. But what if you’re somewhere in the middle? A pencil or powder is great for filling in thin spots and creating points on the brows.

Choosing Your Shade

While it may be tempting to choose a darker colour than your natural brow shade, a lighter shade is really the way to go. The lighter colour not only fills and defines your brows for a full look, but it prevents creating an overwhelmingly dark brow. To create depth and dimension, fill in your brows with a powder or pencil one shade lighter and then brush through brows with a darker brow gel. The lighter coverage of the gel will still look natural, but it adds some subtle drama.