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Twisted Crown

  1. Curl
    Use Conair® Curl Secret for easy, consistent curls all over.
  2. Use Dry Shampoo for a Volumized Pony
    Spray Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Plus Heavenly Volume toward your roots. Work it into your hair using your fingers.
    Backcomb some hair from the top and back of your head and make a ponytail.
  3. Twitch Each Side and Pin
    Separate the hair on one side of your face into two sections. Twist them into one strand, guiding it toward the back of your head. Pin the end over the elastic of your ponytail. Repeat on the other side.
    Pin the ends of each strand under your Twisted Crown to finish the look.

Top Knotch

  1. Straighten for a sleek, high pony
    Straighten your hair with the heated Infiniti Pro by Conair® Ionic Straightening Brush, then create a sleek, high ponytail on the top of your head.
  2. Split Halves in Opposite DirectionsSplit your ponytail in half and twist each section. Twist one of those sections around the base of the ponytail. Next, twist the other section around the first section, in the opposite direction. It might take a few tries to get it just right – practice makes perfect!
  3. Pin and Spray
    Pin your Top Knotch in place, tucking any loose ends inside. Spray with Got2b® Volumanic™ Bodifying Hairspray to hold its shape.

Braids 'n' Waves

  1. Colour
    Dye the ends of your hair using L'Oréal Paris® Colorista Semi-Permanent Colour for a fun pop of colour without commitment. Follow the instructions on the box.
  2. Spray 'n' Scrunch Damp Hair
    Before your hair dries completely, spray all over with Cake® The Wave MakerTM Texturizing Beach Spray. Using your hands, scrunch sections of hair toward your scalp to help form loose waves.
  3. Add Tiny Braids
    Create five to seven small braids. Place them evenly throughout your hair by alternating sides symmetrically as you go.