Face Time Transform your skin overnight with peels and masks for every skin type Today’s multi-tasking masks and purifying peels are made to deliver supercharged results. They have the power to detox, firm, brighten and tighten, working facial magic right in the comfort of your own home. And if cooler weather is keeping you indoors, now you can reboot your complexion in just ten minutes. Skin care innovations are appearing rapidly, but when looking at peels there is one anti-aging ingredient that has long stood out—retinol. The best retinol packed products use cutting edge technology, like anti-inflammatory peptides and ultra-replenishing moisturizers, to boost collagen production and diminish hyperpigmentation. A mainstay in any anti-aging routine, try using an overnight peel bi-weekly (any more can result in drier skin) and watch skin transform. Winter season generally means less exposure to sun, which makes it the perfect time to repair discolouration. Used over a 12-week period, peels and masks formulated with enzymes and acids can help break down sunspots and prevent further pigment production. And just like that, you’ll look more refreshed than ever. If you feel like putting a twist on your weekend face mask routine, try double the masks for double the benefits. Multi-masking, the art of applying a cocktail of masks, addresses several skin care needs in a single sitting. For the best results, begin the process by cleansing skin and then using a toner to balance it, apply the masks, then finish with a serum. Tips and Tricks: *When multi-masking, always apply exfoliating and purifying masks before hydrating or rejuvenating treatments. *If you have oily skin, use a clay mask to soak up dirt and grease. Did you know? *Retinol has major anti-aging benefits, but can also be used to treat acne-prone skin.