We cleanse, tone and exfoliate our skin diligently, but there comes a time when we need a little extra help in the complexion department. When our skin doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it used to, we bring out the big guns: those skincare superstars that do the heavy-lifting and help to fight the good fight against the look of aging. Here are our top picks to add to your skincare arsenal. The Problem: Wrinkles and uneven skin tone. You Need: A lightweight serum that helps to deliver a potent dose of anti-aging ingredients. Look for: A serum that addresses your specific skin concerns; if you’re dealing with dark spots and uneven skin tone, try a brightening serum, or if lines and wrinkles are your concern, choose one with antioxidants and plant actives. You can also layer different serums to target different skin concerns for extra anti-aging power. The Problem: Dark circles and puffy eyes. You Need: An illuminating, skin-smoothing eye treatment. Look for: A treatment with brightening benefits along with ingredients like caffeine, which helps fight puffiness. Use a cream formula for moisturizing properties and a richer texture, or a serum if you prefer a lighter product around the eyes. The Problem: Dull, tired and aging skin. You Need: A night cream to help fight aging during sleep, when your body’s in full-on repair mode. Look for: As with serums, choose a night cream targeted to specific skin issues; for loss of firmness or overall anti-aging, look for ingredients such as retinol, peptides and plant or botanical extracts. Opt for a cream that’s tailored to your skin type; a richer formula works well for dry skin, while a lighter, oil-free cream is best for oilier complexions.