With our smartphones at the ready 24/7 to snap a selfie and document our every move, we're editing our makeup routine to help us look camera-ready. Here, we're sharing our selfie beauty secrets so you too can look Kardashian-worthy. Tip #1: Prep skin with a primer to perfect your canvas and put your makeup on lock. Look for one with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which helps plump fine lines and wrinkles. Tip #2: For the look of airbrushed skin, choose a foundation with light-reflecting properties or light filter technology that helps blur imperfections, #nofilter required. Or, try a spray-on, airbrush-effect foundation that works like the ones the pros use, and gives light-as-air coverage and instant radiance. Tip #3: Apply a highlighter pen to the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and above the cupid's bow - places where the light would naturally hit. This helps subtly sculpt the complexion and illuminates the skin for that celeb-style glow. Now you're ready for your close-up!