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Risk of exposure

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High risk of exposure includes:

  • People in areas of ongoing community spread of COVID-19
  • Health care workers caring for patients with COVID-19
  • Close contact with people with COVID-19
  • Travellers returning from affected international locations (including cruise ships, international conferences and other large gatherings in enclosed spaces)

Low risk of exposure includes:

  • Travel from other countries without widespread transmission
  • Being in the same indoor environment as someone with a COVID-19 infection for an extended period of time, but not being within close contact of them (i.e. more than 2 metres [6 feet] away from the infected person)

Very-low-to-no identifiable risk of exposure includes:

  • Interactions that do not meet the above elevated risks, such as walking by or being briefly in the same room with a person with COVID-19 infection
  • Contact with products shipped over a period of days or weeks from China

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