Photo: Getty Images

Matching makeup trends have come and gone in many guises. There was matching your lipstick to your nail polish (also known as matching lips and tips) and of course, who could forget colour coordinating your cosmetics to your outfit. But possibly the most on-trend, matchmaker look right now is monochromatic makeup.

Monochromatic makeup, as the name implies, is the technique of keeping your eyes, lips and cheeks within one shade range—and it’s having a huge moment right now. The trend was in full force at the Billboard Music Awards last month.

While the look may seem like a bit of a risk—or worse, beige and bland—celebs like Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and Zendaya remind us of the quietly sexy and surprisingly high-impact appeal of matchy-matchy makeup. The result? A new level of colour cohesion that gives new meaning to the term match point. 


To play up the palette of her sheer, crystal-festooned frock, Gwen opted for a muted palette of shimmering nudes. Her dewy skin still had plenty of earthy definition thanks in part to a full, healthy brow and tawny bronze cheeks. Glossy caramel lips keep the earthy look bright and radiant. 

RIHANNA: Taupe Mono

RiRi dipped into a cool earthy palette that harmonized with her olive brown-toned dress and included a pretty pairing of bronze cheeks, mocha lips and shaded lids, which echoed her eye colour. Well-defined eyebrows, a subtle rimming of charcoal liner and a swipe of black mascara gave additional emphasis to her face—and provided a fresh new beauty blueprint for taking neutrals to the next level.

ZENDAYA: Pink Mono

The gorgeous one-named wonder went top to toe in a monochromatic palette with just the palest peachy-pink undertone. Pairing her blush-hued crop top and skirt with a smoky apricot shadow, warm sun-kissed cheekbones and a pink-tinted nude lip offered up the requisite photo-ready impact.