The latest and greatest beauty breakthroughs Thanks to the latest anti-aging products, there’s really no need for Botox Now that it’s January, it’s time to think about investing in your skin care routine with a new wave of products that work to reverse the signs of aging. Harnessing the year’s top beauty innovations, these products are specifically designed to target brown spots, sagging and wrinkles, without the use of injectables or lasers. Best of all, when they’re used correctly, they’re seriously powerful. The reality is that sun, acne spots and hyperpigmentation affect people of every age, and treating them takes time. To prevent future spots and UV damage, look on product labels for ingredients like vitamin C to brighten skin or resorcinol to exfoliate. We all know that the best way to prevent sun damage is SPF (something we have to always reiterate!). It’s the one you should use liberally and daily. If you aren’t prepared to cough up $5,000 for a session of Ultherapy ultrasound treatment, consider products packed with the antioxidant resveratrol to tighten the skin around your neck area. By preventing skin’s breakdown of collagen and elastin, it helps to firm loose skin under the chin and neck. Algae extract, which create a temporary tightening film over skin, is another way to boost collagen production. For those who don’t want to go with injectables at the dermatologist’s office, topical products can provide a temporary fix to plump wrinkles. Look for products that contain hyaluronic acid, which allow molecules to enter the skin and remain there for extended periods of time. To fill in expression lines while you get some beauty sleep, choose creams with peptides which work directly on crow’s feet for noticeable results by morning. Tips and Tricks: *It’s all about mind, body and soul. The always youthful-looking Christy Turlington swears by yoga to keep centred and fit. The rest is mostly genetics, we think. *Try applying eye cream all over your face. It’s small particles deliver ingredients to the most delicate parts of the face. Did you know? *Since 2007, the coffee berry has been considered the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered.