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We know you beauties are a smart bunch and slather on the recommended amount of facial sunscreen—that's half a teaspoon—every morning. You make us proud. That said, how many of you remember to keep applying it several times throughout the day? 


We get it. Smearing a layer of sunscreen on top of your painstakingly applied foundation can seem as appealing as plucking your nose hairs. But it's important (like, really, really important) to make sure you stay protected by reapplying regularly. 

Read on to learn the foolproof method so that you never have to sacrifice sun protection or flawless makeup ever again. 

Ace Your Base
Always start by applying sunscreen underneath your makeup (and over your moisturizer) for adequate coverage. It's critical that you spread at least a half-teaspoon of product over your entire face, which will seem like a lot at first, but keep rubbing until it's fully absorbed. 

If you're in love with sunscreens from top beauty brands (because, who isn't?), try an ultra-sheer lotion like Shiseido’s Urban Environment UV protection cream SPF 40, which delivers on high protection and hydration. 

Double Up
Layering a tinted SPF on top of your regular sunscreen is ideal during the summer months. It adds additional protection and evens out your complexion. Lancome’s City Miracle CC Cream works overtime to shield against UV rays while beautifying like an illuminating foundation.

Pucker Up
Although you may not think of your lips as “skin,” they’re especially vulnerable to UV rays and can get sunspots of their own. Protect your pout with Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm SPF 20. With honey extract, shea and palm tree butter, as well as eight essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals in its formulation, this luxe lippie can be worn on its own or on top of your favourite lip colour to lend it a glossy finish. 

Get Physical
When it comes to reapplying sunscreen, always choose a physical block rather than a chemical one. A physical sunscreen, which contains natural minerals such as titanium dioxide, will be more consistently effective over makeup because it covers the surface of the skin to create a barrier to UV radiation, as opposed to the filter created when chemical sunscreen is absorbed into the skin. A mineral makeup with sunscreen, like Clinique’s Almost Powder SPF 15, contains 13% titanium dioxide to physically block the sun’s harsh rays. Best of all, it offers an incredibly light, buttery smooth texture that slips on like a second skin and blends to a seamless satin-matte finish with just a hint of sparkling shine.

Spray In Place
If powder products aren't your jam, it's NBD, because face sunscreen sprays now exist (hoorah!). Clarins Hydra Quench Lotion SPF 15 is ideal for touching up throughout the day. Spiked with pomegranate and Alpine willow herb extracts, it helps to banish shine caused by heat and humidity while helping to cool and refresh your makeup.

That being said, when using a spray or one of the aforementioned powders, you need to reapply more often than every two hours. Since you're using them on top of makeup, you're more than likely not using the recommended amount so be sure to spray it thoroughly—like you would a spray-on sunscreen, not a lazy 2 p.m. facial mist. After you’ve sprayed it evenly all over your face, then go in with your fingers and slightly pat. And definitely don't rub—the last thing you want to do is massacre your maquillage.