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There’s no doubt we’re busier than ever: Long work hours with endless deadlines, family functions and priorities, and trying to keep up with friends. It’s enough to keep the most Zen among us up at night! If a lack of shut-eye is making your complexion a little worse for wear, turn to your trusty makeup bag to help make you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, even when you’re feeling anything but. “Your first line of defense: good skin care. Give your skin a quick sloughing with a mild scrub or glycolic acid solution to nix dullness. Follow up with a brightening serum and a good moisturizer to help perk up your skin,” advises Toronto-based makeup artist David Goveia. As for makeup, use a light hand, since heavy makeup can actually make you look more tired. Apply a radiance-boosting foundation only to areas where you need coverage and follow up with a concealer to blur away dark circles. Add a dab of highlighter to the tops of cheekbones, down the nose, and on the tops of collarbones for a lit-from-within glow. “For eyes, stay away from dark colours,” says Goveia, as they can intensify the look of dark circles. Your best bet: a soft and pretty monochrome look using a pinky-peach blush applied to the cheeks, as well as to the eyes. “It doesn’t look like obvious makeup as it’s the same colour,” says the pro. Add a hint of a champagne-hued highlighter in the inner corners of eyes to help take attention away from any dark circles. Finish with a lip colour in a similar pink-hued shade to complete the tonal look.