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Graphic black eyeliner was all over the runways for spring, from the clean, winged flicks at Oscar de la Renta, to an exaggerated, a rock n’ roll cat eye at Saint Laurent. But while trends come and go, a minimal cat eye is a perennial classic that can do wonders for lifting the eyes and add a dash of bombshell drama to your look. Here are some pro tips for nailing the graphic cat eye. Step 1: The Line Practice makes perfect, says makeup artist Jackie Shawn, so don’t worry if you don’t get a precise line when you’re first starting out. For more control, Shawn suggests using a black pencil liner to trace your line first, which you can then go over with a liquid or gel liner afterwards.”Rest the pointed tip of the pencil horizontal to your lash line and draw small strokes as close to the lash line as possible,” she says. Then trace your pencil over the line to connect the dashes. Step 2: The Wing Follow the natural shape of the bottom of your eye as a guide for the upward flick of your wing. Using a pencil or gel liner, “draw up and out and then draw a very fine triangle back to the eye [connecting to the line] and fill it in,” says Shawn. “Start with a black eyeliner and once you become adept at that you can use a pen with a pointed tip which makes it easy to use,” says Shawn. “You can lay the point down and get the desired wing shapes that you wish.” Try a gel or liquid liner in a pen-style format for more precision and control and finish the look with a few coats of volume-boosting mascara to enhance the uplifting effect.