In the quest for Bambi-like lashes, a great mascara usually does the trick. But when you need an extra eye-opening boost, turn to these tried-and-true beauty hacks to exercise your full lash potential. Curl Power Use an eyelash curler to curl lashes, particularly if the hairs are stick-straight. Curling the lashes creates an instant eye-opening effect that helps you maximize your full lash potential. Prime Time Apply a lash primer pre-mascara to add extra volume and help your mascara stay put. Don’t have a lash primer? Try coating lashes with a light dusting of loose powder to plump them up. Double Up Layer different mascaras to create different looks or add extra drama. Try applying a lengthening mascara over a volume-boosting to get maximum volume, length and separation, or layer a curling formula over a lengthening one for mile-long lashes. Master Strokes Apply mascara like the pros by positioning the wand as close as possible to the lashline and wiggle slightly back-and-forth to completely coat the base of lashes. Next, move the wand up and outwards, and create a slightly angled effect on the lashes to really open up the eyes. Apply a few coats like this, and you’re good to go.