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Do you really need supplements?

In an ideal world, you’d eat a nutritionally balanced diet, minimize stress, exercise regularly, and enjoy plenty of sleep. But in the real world, this is often difficult. When you lack key nutrients, feel stressed or are sleep-deprived, your immune system can suffer, increasing your susceptibility to illness and fatigue.

A balanced, healthy diet can provide the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other key nutrients you need for a long, healthy life. But, if you can’t always eat healthily, you may want to add a supplement.

We all have different nutritional needs. You may be looking for a general multivitamin to help you maintain good health or for products specifically developed for your age, health concern or dietary need. It’s important to choose the product that is right for you.

Why choose Life Brand?


For over 50 years we have been taking care of Canadians’ Health needs. In fact, Life Brand is Pharmaprix’s largest health Supplement brand; with more than 300 carefully developed, quality tested vitamin, mineral and natural health products that’s a lot to choose from. To help make your choice easier visit lifebrandvitamins.ca and use our product finder to find the vitamins, minerals and natural health products that are right for you.


Need even more help choosing? Your Pharmaprix Pharmacist is a vital resource who can answer any questions you have, and can check to see if your supplements might interact with other medications you are taking. Just ask!