Contouring Master Class Easy Contouring Basics How to Contour 5 steps for achieving the perfect glow with contouring Not everyone has a ton of time to sit in front of the mirror to figure out the best ways to contour their face (ahem, Kim Kardashian!). To help create a contoured, spring-perfect glow, follow these general rules of thumb for a quick and easy face. Now, glow on! Step #1: Apply your moisturizer and primer as normal. Wait a few minutes for the product to set. Step #2: Apply highlighter or a concealer a shade (or two lighter) than your skin tone to the middle of your face and fan out. This should hit in a line down the nose, as well as in an upside down triangle in between the brows, fanning out into the forehead and under the eyes fanning down. Step #3: Create depth by using a cream bronzer just under the jawline, as well as in a straight line from just below the temple to under the cheek bones on both sides of the face. Use a big powder brush, in a circular motion, to blend bronzer into the skin. For ultimate staying power, go over the cream bronzer with a powdered one. Step #4: Create a straighter or thinner nose by using a cream bronzer on the outside edge, from just below the eye stopping just short of the nostril. Blend with a sponge for a natural finish. Step #5: To complete the look, lightly dust translucent powder over your complexion for a long-lasting glow. Apply blush to the apples of cheeks, along with your favourite lip shade and a coat of mascara and your look is complete.