7 tips to getting out this Summer with baby

With temperatures rising, we dream of going for beautiful summer walks with baby, sitting on a terrace or going out to the park. If you have an infant at home, it is not always easy to plan an outing. Here are some tips for making this family time enjoyable for all:

• Feed your baby and change his diaper before leaving. Also, plan your outing between two naptimes.

• For baby’s first outing, go for a short 15 to 20 minute walk. As baby gets older and tires less easily, you can steadily increase the time you spend outdoors.

• Adapt your gear to the type of outing. A baby carrier is ideal for a short stroll and allows you to bond. For longer outings and until your baby can sit up alone, it is important to use a stroller that allows him to be completely reclined – nap guaranteed.

• Check the weather report before you go and dress baby accordingly. Going on an outing with baby in the rain and fog is not recommended. Don’t forget to bring moisturizer and sunscreen.

• Take the time to fill your bag with baby essentials: a blanket, sunscreen, baby bottle, water bottle, some snacks for baby and for yourself, an extra outfit, diapers, diaper cream, a gentle no-rinse cleansing liquid and some baby wipes. Also, don’t forget baby’s favorite teddy bear!

• You can do more things than you might think with baby. Some cinemas now offer special screenings for parents with babies – the sound is lower and no one will glare at baby when she starts to cry. Find out what other parent-baby initiatives are happening in your area.

• Finally, it is important to do things at your and your baby’s own pace. An outdoor activity with baby should be a pleasant moment for the whole family.