Think you’re a pro when it comes to protecting yourself against the sun? Read up on some little-known facts about suncare that will help you save face (and body) this summer. You should wear full sun protection daily, all year-long. And we’re not just talking moisturizer with added SPF: dermatologist Dr. Frances Jang recommends wearing a full, broad-spectrum SPF 30 (or higher) sunscreen on a daily basis. The key: “Find a sunscreen that you like to use, and that suits your skin type,” says Jang. If you’re on the oily side, look for a light, oil-free formula, and if you’re dry, choose a sunscreen with added moisturizers. Water-resistant sunscreen can only go so far. You might think that slathering on water-resistant sunscreen means you’re set for a day at the beach. Not so, says Elysa Panzica, national training manager for Shiseido Canada. “Traditional water-resistant sun protection products begin to break down upon contact with water,” she says. Some of the latest water-resistant sunscreens use novel technologies to wick away sweat and moisture or create a stronger barrier on the skin, which means you can be exposed to water for longer without having to reapply (check your product for the suggested time). That said, towel-drying or changing clothes can rub UV protection off the skin, so be sure to slather on your ‘screen every two hours. Apply sunscreen everywhere, and we mean everywhere. Slather on a shot-glass-sized amount of sunscreen on your body 20 to 30 minutes before heading out the door to give the product time to activate, says Panzica. “Apply sunscreen before you dress; this way you will cover all areas properly, and remember your clothing can shift and expose skin to UV rays,” she says. Pay specific attention to areas such as your ears, backs of the knees and tops of your feet, which can easily be missed, leading to burns. Stay out of the sun at peak times between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., when UV rays are at their strongest, and don’t forget your hat!