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  • QUO: Glossy Dot Matte

    Follow these simple steps to get a gloss dot matte look. Step 1. Paint two coats of Quo by ORLY’s Wild Orchid as your base color. Step 2. Once dry, apply one coat of Quo by ORLY Matte Topcoat to the entire nail, ensuring that no portion remains glossy. Step 3. Using the Dotter Duo Tool and Quo by ORLY’s Green Meadow, begin to dot on the dot formation pictured in the image. Step 4. To create dimension on the design, use both ends of the Dotter Duo Tool for different sized dots. Step 5. Make sure that no topcoat is used to preserve the contrasting glossy and matte effect.

    QUO: One Love

    Show some love on your nails with this nail look using shades from Quo by ORLY. Step 1. Paint 2 coats of Quo by ORLY’s Prepster as your base color. Step 2. Using the large side of the Dotter Duo Tool, begin by creating the outline of a heart using Quo by ORLY’s Femme Fatale. Keep using the dotter to fill in the heart until it is opaque. Step 3. Once dry, apply Quo by ORLY’s Falling Star over the heart for a glitter effect. Step 4. Ensure that nails are completely dry before applying one coat of Quo by ORLY’s Ultra Gloss topcoat to brighten and make the look pop.

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