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Vitry Repair Care Hardener




10 mL


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    The most effective solution to strengthen your nails; The nails are stronger and more resistant after only two weeks of application*; Contains 2% Formaldehyde; Available in Matte or Shiny Finish; Matte finish - Recommend the Matte Finish as a base coat, to women who don’t like the shiny finish and to men. *User trial under supervision of a dermatologist on 20 subjects for 4 weeks, with an application every 2 days. How to use: As a treatment: apply the Nail Repair Care – Hardener on clean and varnish free nails. Renew the application every two days while making sure to remove the product between each application with mild and acetone free nail polish remover. After two weeks stop the cure, use the Sensitive Formula of the Nail Repair Care to maintain healthy, beautiful, natural nails in between cures. As a base coat: apply on clean and varnish free nails, let dry, apply your favorite nail polish.