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About this brand


After seeing patients struggle with the current teeth whitening options, our dentists decided to design something completely different. By getting rid of strips, trays, harsh abrasives and the idea that you have to settle with tooth sensitivity, we created a line of products that are more effective, use safer ingredients and deliver better results. Don't just whiten your teeth, Luster.

All of our products are carefully designed to be as safe and effective as possible. We use active dental peroxide—the only safe ingredient to whiten teeth. And we make sure to use the proper amount needed for maximum teeth whitening without any tooth sensitivity. More dental peroxide is not always better and we’ve spent years determining the exact amount of dental peroxide needed. Our clinical trials consistently show better whitening with less tooth sensitivity when compared to many of the leading trays, toothpastes and strips.

We are committed to developing products that promote whole mouth health in addition to whitening. That is why our whitening toothpastes have carefully selected, often plant-derived ingredients that will leave you with clean teeth and a beautifully whiter smile. Our whitening toothpastes are sulfate-free, use mild cleansing agents and only contain plant-based glycerin and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Other companies may take short cuts by using synthetic and or/petroleum based glycerin or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that is known to promote canker sores by causing microscopic damage to oral tissue, but we take pride in only using safe ingredients that promote overall mouth health.