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Jean Paul Gaultier

About this brand


Jean Paul Gaultier sees a fragrance as “the first garment we wear on our skin.” His fragrances leave a recognizable imprint, a deep impression that is not easy to forget.

CLASSIQUE is the perfect embodiment of femininity, Classique celebrates seduction with extreme sensuality. Rose takes centre stage in a composition that combines talent, precision and poetry. The Eau de Toilette is a blend of rose, star anise, orange blossom, ginger, vanilla and amber wood. The Eau de Parfum is composed of rose, rum, orchid, vanilla and sweet wood.

The CLASSIQUE woman plays the X-rated card with CLASSIQUE X Collection Eau de Toilette, a blend of mandarin, bergamot, orange blossom, peony, vanilla and iris.

LE MALE is an extraordinary fragrance that reveals the desires of a free-spirited man who is both virile and sensitive. A blend of mint, lavender and vanilla, LE MALE is playfully sensual with a sturdy character.

LE BEAU MALE is an ultra fresh fragrance that exalts the unbridled sensuality of every man. A cool sexy heat that sends shivers down your spine. A masculine cocktail of mint, artemisia, lavender, and musk.