About Sabrina

Saint-Lambert, Que.
cosmetics manager

For as long as she can remember, Sabrina has enjoyed makeup. Recalling her childhood, when she could often be found invading her mother’s vanity, she says, “I had fun with her Lancôme lipsticks.” She then adds, with a laugh: “Of course, I closed them without first pushing the stick back into the tube.” 

Although it was makeup that drew her to the cosmetics department of Pharmaprix 12 years ago, Sabrina first aspired to a career in fashion design, which she studied in college. “If I had not chosen this job, I would have loved to be a stylist for celebrities in Quebec,” she says. “Among others, I admire the work of Céline Dion’s stylist.” At one time, she might also have become a harpist: She tamed the demanding instrument between the ages of 9 and 14.

Today, the cosmetics department manager at Pharmaprix in Saint-Lambert, on the south shore of Montreal, still enjoys testing every new product and is always aiming to better serve her customers. “Sometimes, women tell me that I’m young and they think I can’t advise on anti-aging products,” she says. “On the contrary, I know my creams, I know what they’re doing and I never cease to keep abreast of innovations.”

Another of Sabrina’s pleasures: campaigning for foundation. “I’m manic about it, as well as about lipstick. Often, women are afraid to look like they have too much make-up on because of foundation. I like to show them that, quite the opposite, they can look very natural, and that an even complexion is a basis for highlighting eye makeup, for example."

Gratifying above all else, however, is making a difference in the life of a client. “One day, a woman afflicted with extreme rosacea came in for advice,” Shirley recalls. “She was tired of being stared at wherever she went and wanted to conceal her redness. I showed her the Cover FX foundation for sensitive skin and she couldn't believe the degree of coverage. She was so happy that she left with the entire collection. This is what I love the most: a satisfied customer who thanks us and leaves happy about her purchase.”
For Sabrina, makeup is an accessory, just like a nice scarf. “It’s crazy, the confidence you get with just a little concealer or gloss on the lips. I often tell my clients that cosmetics are there to embellish life and put us in a good mood.”