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Providing trusted health information is vital to helping women take control over their health.

While over 80% of women make the Internet part of their journey for answers and expert information, trusted resources are often hard to come by – especially for issues that many women are reluctant to reveal or seek out help for, such as mental health.

Women’s College Hospital is Canada’s pre-eminent academic ambulatory hospital focused on women’s health. One of the most successful ways that Women’s College Hospital reaches out to women is through womenshealthmatters.ca – a source of reliable, up-to-date information on women's health and lifestyle issues that receives over 4 million visits per year.

We’re teaming up with a women’s health leader to bring more knowledge to more women on more issues—and help make all women healthier as a result.

In collaboration with Women’s College Hospital and affiliated experts, we’re supporting new initiatives aimed at increasing the level of understanding and treatment of women’s health issues.

• Pharmaprix FEMMES is becoming the premier sponsor of womenshealthmatters.ca, enabling this major resource to refresh and expand its offerings, and more effectively serve even greater numbers of women.
• In addition, we have worked with Women’s College Hospital and its Women’s Mental Health Program to develop a comprehensive website focused exclusively on women’s mental health, complete with interactive tools and resources.
• To ensure that all these and other activities have the very best minds behind them, we will work with a women's health advisory panel, comprised of representatives from Women’s College Hospital