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Exclusionary Criteria

While we recognize that there are many worthwhile causes, because we are unable to support all of them we have to be selective.

Pharmaprix does not support the following types of requests:

•  Event-style fundraising, including galas and golf tournaments
•  Advertising in yearbooks, handbooks, journals, event programs or recruitment initiatives
•  Advocacy or lobbying
•  Amateur sports including community, regional, provincial and national athletes, teams and organizations
•  Capital campaigns (i.e., fundraising for building “bricks and mortar” or purchasing equipment such as MRIs)
•  Endowments, contingency funds or deficit campaigns
•  For-profit organizations (i.e., businesses)
•  Organizations and programs based or operating outside of Canada
•  Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or lifestyle
•  Political causes
•  Private foundations or clubs
•  Private schools and universities, excluding Schools of Pharmacy
•  Religious or faith-based projects or programs
•  Operating or administrative expenses
•  Travel, accommodation and/or meal expenses
•  Service clubs, fraternal organizations or commercial third party fund-raising groups
•  Support for individuals or individual families 

Should your request fall under one of the above-mentioned categories, you may still apply but it is probable that your request will be declined.