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v.i.b FAQs

Program FAQs

1. What is v.i.b.?

The Pharmaprix very important baby (v.i.b.) program is an exclusive membership that helps expecting or new parents by providing expert advice and ongoing offers, every step of the way. Sign up to the program and you’ll receive a sample package for newborns, which includes a coupon booklet and product samples ranging from diapers and pacifiers, to stretch mark saviors and bibs. When you become a v.i.b. member, you're automatically signed up for e-newsletters that offer sound advice on a wide variety of topics, as well as coupons for products relevant to your baby’s life stage. To see an example of one of these newsletters, click here (INSERT HYPERLINK TO PDF VERSION OF AN EMAIL). From breastfeeding issues to tot tantrums and everything in between, v.i.b. articles, promotions and coupons are tailored to your specific needs. Click here to become a member today.

2. Do I need to be a Pharmaprix Optimum member to join v.i.b.?

Yes, to register for the v.i.b. program, you must already be a Pharmaprix Optimum member—both programs are free to join. If you're not already a Pharmaprix Optimum member, you can sign up here.

3. When should I join the v.i.b. program?

To maximize the benefits of the v.i.b. program, we recommend that parents-to-be sign up during their prenatal period so they can take advantage of all the products in the sample package for newborns. To make certain you get your sample pack, ensure your mailing address is up to date. Click here to update your profile.

Of course, you are welcome to sign up for the program at any time during your child’s infancy to receive emails and offers up until your child is 24 months old.

4. How will I know that I’m enrolled?

If enrollment is successful, a “Thank you” page with a welcome message that includes a link to your first exclusive Optimum offer will appear on your screen. You will also start receiving v.i.b. e-newsletters within 1-2 weeks. If for any reason you do not receive the first e-newsletter please contact 1-800-Shoppers for further assistance.

5. How often will I get an e-newsletter?

From pregnancy to when your child becomes a toddler, your needs as a new parent will constantly shift. v.i.b. sends you relevant information at various intervals to meet these needs. The following outlines the number of e-newsletters you will receive at different life stages:

1st Trimester: one newsletter

2nd Trimester: monthly newsletters

3rd Trimester: bi-weekly newsletters

1 to 12 months old: monthly newsletters

After 12 months: bi-monthly newsletters

The newsletters will automatically stop after your child reaches 24 months.

6. Is the program only for expectant and new moms and dads, or can anyone enroll on behalf of a new parent?

The program is most helpful and relevant to first-time moms and moms-to-be. Anyone with a baby in their world, however, can join the program, including aunts, uncles, grandmothers, caregivers, etc.

7. What is the “sample package for newborns,” and does everyone who subscribes receive one?

There are two different sample packs; which one you receive is determined by your baby’s life stage. If you registered during your prenatal period, a sample package with a variety of helpful products—diapers, wipes, baby toiletries, pacifier, bib, and products for mom—will arrive approximately four weeks before your baby is due at the address entered during the registration process. If you sign up after your baby is born, you’ll receive products that fit the needs of a 12-week-old.

Included in both sample packs is a coupon booklet with Shoppers Optimum offers valued at over $10. The sample pack is only available to those who register during the prenatal period or before their child reaches 12 weeks.

8. What brands are participating in the v.i.b. program?

You can look forward to receiving great samples and/or special offers from some of your favourite brands, including:

P&G (Pampers diapers and wipes)

Kimberly Clark (Huggies Pull-Ups, diapers and wipes)

Johnson & Johnson (a selection of toiletries, Aveeno Baby products and Children’s Tylenol)

Nuk (bottles, cups and pacifiers) Bio-Oil Mother Hen (organic frozen food)

Heinz (cereal and toddler snacks)

Life Brand and Baby Life Brand (Toiletries & Feeding)

Nativa Organics

9. I didn’t receive my sample pack yet. What should I do?

The sample pack is only available to those who register during the prenatal period or before their child reaches 12 weeks. It’s really important to make sure your profile is up to date and to confirm that all your personal information (ie. mailing address, due date or child’s birth date) is correct. You can update your mailing address, email address, due date or baby birth date information by clicking here or visiting the “Sign up today” option on the v.i.b. homepage. If all the information is accurate on your profile, please contact 1-800-Shoppers for further assistance.

10. Can I receive another sample package and set of e-newsletters for a second or third child, and does this mean I’ll now receive more than one v.i.b. e-newsletter?

You can receive one sample package per year. If you become pregnant again, simply update your profile to include the additional birth date or your next delivery due date. This will prompt the system to send you a new sample package, offers and emails that are relevant to your next child. Plus, you’ll also be registered to receive a Happy Birthday card on your baby’s first birthday, which comes with a $10 gift card for Baby Life Brand products and three Pharmaprix Optimum offers, which has a value of over $20.

You will receive the same number and frequency of e-newsletters as you did with your first child.

11. I’ve updated my profile to include my newborn. Will I still receive information relevant to my other child and/or children?

No. E-newsletters, promotional offers and sample packs are based on your youngest child’s expected due date or birthday. The v.i.b. website, however, provides helpful articles that cover all the life stages of your child from the 1st trimester of pregnancy to toddlers aged 24 months. If you want or need information for your first-born child and he or she is under the age of 24 months, visit shoppersdrugmart.ca/vib.

12. Are the coupons and special promotions sent via email or mailed to my house?

The majority of offers will be emailed to you via the v.i.b. e-newsletter, which will include a click-through to an online page of coupons. There are some special promotions (ie. sample package for newborns and Happy Birthday card) sent via regular mail.

13. I have a question about my baby’s health. Can you answer medical questions for me?

The content on the v.i.b. website is general information only and should not act as a substitute for medical advice. All specific concerns should be addressed with your health care providers. If you can’t find the answer to a general baby query in the vast library of v.i.b. articles, your local  Pharmacist is available to help. Motherisk, a research program that offers information on safety during pregnancy and lactation, is also a reliable source. To learn more about Motherisk, click here or call 1-877-439-2744. For serious or urgent medical issues, we recommend you see your health practitioner as soon as possible.



1. How can I update my v.i.b. profile?

To update your email or mailing address, visit the v.i.b. homepage. Click on the “Sign up today” button and you’ll be prompted to enter the last nine digits of the Pharmaprix Optimum card number used at registration, plus one of the three following security options:

1. Date of birth

2. Postal code

3. Password from Optimum membership sign up

2. Why do you ask for personal information, and what do you do with it?

Shoppers Drug Mart v.i.b. program will use your personal information in the following ways:

  • To process and store the information provided so that we are able to better understand you and your baby’s needs and how we can improve our products and services to fit your child’s life stage;

  • To contact you;

  • To provide you with special offers and services; and 

  • To provide you with health-related information or services that we believe would be of interest to you.

If you do not wish to receive emails, you can unsubscribe from v.i.b. at any time. Please note that unsubscribing to v.i.b. does not terminate your subscription to other Shoppers Drug Mart emails or the Pharmaprix Optimum program.

Pharmaprix may use a reputable third party to deliver information via email. This third party is under a contractual requirement to keep all personal information confidential and to only use personal information for the sole purpose of sending you email or direct mail on behalf of Pharmaprix and v.i.b. Any personal information will be returned to Pharmaprix once that third party's services are completed.

Pharmaprix respects the privacy of each individual and will not rent or sell information about any v.i.b. member to any organization or individual.

3. Some pages from your site won’t load on my computer. What’s the problem, and where can I report broken links?

The issue could be with your browser settings or an internal error on behalf of Pharmraprix. Please contact 1-800-Shoppers for further assistance.

4. How can I unsubscribe to your newsletter?

At the bottom of all the e-newsletters there is a “My VIB” heading, and underneath that is a link titled “Unsubscribe.” Click on the link and there will be a message stating that your request to be removed from the mailing list has been successfully completed.